Solar tent

Solar tent

Solar tent



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            • - Must have festival accessory
            • - Amazing build quality
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            • - limited seasonal use
            • - Friends will all want to borrow it
            • - Your tent will be over crowded
            • - almost too good

            Solar Tent

            All you need to know about the latest craze for the 2016 festival season. Solar Tents are the latest craze to hit the world of festivals and camping. Living off the grid, even for a weekend is challenging these days, especially for the socially connected savvy festival goer. Phones are essential and finding somewhere to charge them can be a mission at most festivals.


            The Solar powered tent

            What is a solar tent?

            A solar powered tent is a tent with a portable solar generation ability and an energy storage solution. The enables your solar tent to power a range of accessories such as;

            tent lights

            Camping tent lights

            Wedding tent lighting

            So why is everyone raving about the solar tent?

            Solar energy facts

            We all rely on our phones at festivals. To find lost mates, to take pictures of bands and all the shenanigans of the weekend and most importantly, to swap numbers with that perfect ten you met in the dance tent. But we have all seen the queues at the mobile phone charging stations.

            beat the festival queues with a solar-festival-tent

            Solar powered tents provide you with a way to charge all your phone, camera and everything else you can charge with a usb connection.

            solar-tent-pack buy online



            • Charge your phone
            • Charge your camera
            • Charge your laptop
            • Power tent speakers
            • Turn lights on using your smartphone
            • Never lose your tent at a festival again
            • Power your tent lighting
            • Power an alarm in your tent

            How much do they cost ? 

            • Basic 2 man solar tents begin at £399.
            • Basic 4-5 man tents begin at £599
            • Basic family 8-10 man tents begin at £899

            How do solar tents work ?

            Solar tents use high efficiency solar panels to generate electricity along with high capacity batteries for storage. Once you set up the tent as normal the battery pack is kept inside in a waterproof housing with waterproof covers on all the accessory covers. The sunlight received by the solar panel during the day is converted into electricity that is then stored by the battery pack, ready for when you  need it.

            The benefit of the solar tent concept is the fact that most camping takes place in the summer months where the days are long and there is plenty of opportunity for your solar tent to soak up the sun’s rays and charge the battery pack.

            • The battery pack has a smart charging technology so you don’t need to worry about it overcharging.
            • Led lighting on the battery power pack gives a clear indication of the power status of the battery
            • The solar powered tents come in a selection of different ratings depending on your power requirements.


            Solar Tent Connect 

            As if having a tent with running power supply wasn’t enough, the guys at the solar tent design co have added bluetooth support and control to the next generation of solar tents. Switch lights on and off from the comfort of your sleeping bag with the Solar Tent Connect system.




            Make your tent stand out at the festival this year with new technology in tent lighting.

            Tent lighting

            Solar tent

            Camping tent beds


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