The Eco Kettle

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Eco Kettle

Eco Kettle

Energy efficiency rating






        Energy savings



          • - Rating 2.2Kw
          • - 1.5 ltr Capacity
          • - Average savings 33%
          • - Colour choice White / Black / Chrome


          The Eco Kettle 

          Saving the planet has never been so easy.

          If you love tea as much as we do at Solar Wind & Rain, then you will feel the same pang of guilt every time you boil the kettle to brew up the nations favourite warm beverage. Tea consumption actually causes a surge in power consumption across the Globe.

          Every morning in every developed country around the world the sleepy residents wake up and switch on the kettle. We all love a cuppa in the morning, whether your personal fix is tea or coffee, we need hot water to make it and that hot water normally comes from an electric kettle.

          Now there is an Eco Kettle to address this problem we can finally have a guilt free cuppa. in the morning.

          The Eco Kettle has a smart design which actually boils the water 33% faster than a traditional kettle design, this equates to a 33% saving in your energy bill. If you drink as much tea as we do at Solar Wind & Rain HQ then this kettle will pay for itself in no time. In our case it’s just under 3 months but we do drink a lot of tea.

          The design is lovely as it encourages the user to actually think about the amount of water you need to make your cuppa.

          Every time a kettle is used, a terrible amount of energy is wasted just by boiling too much water in the kettle. Something we are guilty of at SW&R, the eco kettle addresses this problem by using smart design. There are 2 chambers in the eco kettle.

          The first reservoir holds 1.5 litres of water, this is the amount we would normally put into our kettle for the first morning boil, even we we only need under a ltr. The eco kettle is a smart little thing tho. It knows we are silly and we forget to measure out the correct amount of water, especially on those blurry Monday mornings before the first caffiene kick in the morning.


          Technical specifications

          • 2.2kW stainless steel concealed element
          • High quality steam control and boil-dry protection
          • Cordless
          • 360 Degree base with cord storage
          • Locking lid
          • Internal illumination
          • Washable limescale filter
          • 220/240 Volts AC
          • 1.5 litre capacity
          • Conforms to EN60335
          • 12 months warranty
          • Minimum boil volume is nominally 200ml – about one tea cup
          The Eco Kettle on March 23, 2015 rated 4.8 of 5

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