Cut your electricity bill in half today with the best energy saving refrigerator on the market

how an energy saving refrigerator saves you money

Keeping your food cool is a costly expense. Your refrigerator is the single largest consumer of electricity in your home. Buying a new energy efficient refrigerator will pay for itself within two or three years. 

As it sits there all silent and innocent. Your refrigerator could be burning a massive hole in the monthly electricity budget.

An even more chilling prospect to consider, if your refrigerator is more than a few years old, there is a good chance the technology has changed so much that it could be costing you more than twice as much to run as an energy efficient refrigerator . 

how an energy saving refrigerator saves you money
how an energy saving refrigerator saves you money

This could be more than half your electricity bill.

If you think about it, It’s a big price to pay for cold milk in the morning, as much as we love a cuppa and our cereal in the morning   It’s enough to make your spine chill.

A simple calculation to make is take your last years energy bill, imagine if it was half the amount next year.  Maybe you should check the latest price on the Eco Refrigerator. The most efficient refrigerator available to date.

You can actually recoup the cost of buying the best energy saving refrigerator on the market within only a few years. At Solar, Wind & Rain, We love it when technology is so smart it pays for itself.

If you currently use more than one refrigerator then your savings will be the most dramatic. The single biggest saving you can make is by replacing your old, inefficient refrigerator.

Out with the old, in with the new.

energy efficient refrigerators replace old inefficient refrigerators
energy efficient refrigerators replace old inefficient refrigerators


If buying a new refrigerator is simply not an option then you can still save a lot of money on your electricity bill spend each year by being smart with the refrigerator you have at the moment.

There are a few easy steps to make sure you make your old refrigerator as efficient as possible, with the possibility of saving hundreds per year. If you can save this then you will have a new energy efficient refrigerator in no time at all.

  • Keep your refrigerator / freezer  frost free 
  • Check your refrigerator seals
  • Fill empty space 
  • Monitor the temperature
  • Defrost frozen food in the refrigerator compartment 

Make sure your refrigerator is kept frost free, if frost builds up quickly after defrosting then there may be a problem with the seal around the door allowing air to enter the fridge where the moisture in the air condenses and freezes. This stops your fridge from working efficiently and increases the amount of electricity it uses keeping your food cold.

Empty space in your fridge is costing you money to keep cool. Keep your Freezer well stocked to stop wasting money keeping empty shelves cold.

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  2. An intersting one for was when I found out that tunirng something off isn’t saving as much electricity as you could be! To save the maximum ammount of electricity, phsically take the plug out if the socket. It saves a ton and all you have to do is just plug it back in later!

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