best energy saving lightbulbs

best energy-saving-light-bulbs




Best Energy Saving Lightbulbsbest energy-saving-light-bulbs

Installing Energy saving lightbulbs is the quickest way to start saving on your energy bills. Reduce your monthly spend on lighting your home by switching your old incandescent lightbulbs over to new money saving green technology

At Solar, Wind & Rain., We review the best energy saving lightbulbs on the market to help you decide on the best energy saving products you may be considering purchasing. Like all new technology there is the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Energy saving lightbulbs Quality testing

The quality of energy saving lightbulbs available varies greatly. The energy saving lightbulbs we recommend all pass our test criteria. The test criteria includes burn time which must exceed 5000 hours. The equivalent of 5 years continuous use.

The test also covers on/off cycles. There is no point having a bulb that burns continuously for 5000 hours if switching it on and off a few hundred times destroys the bulb.

Recommended bulbs should exceed 30,000 on off cycles to prove their durability and suitability to household domestic use. We only recommend energy saving bulbs that have passed these criteria and make it onto our energy saving lightbulbs review page.


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