Energy saving appliances

Energy saving appliances are the second most popular way for home owners and small businesses to make drastic savings on their electricity spend. 

save-money on your energy bills by switching to energy saving appliances
save-money on your energy bills by switching to energy saving appliances

Saving money and saving the planet is easy and it feels good!!

Next to installing energy saving lightbulbs, converting to energy efficient appliances and energy saving appliances is one of the easiest ways to make further reductions on the amount you spend on electricity each month. Governments around the world are investing in green technologies by offering grants and incentives to residents and manufacturers. Find out if switching your home appliances over to eco friendly appliances will help reduce your household energy bills. 

energy-efficient label from the european union
energy-efficient label from the european union

In Europe there is a law in place dictates that all new electrical appliances must display a label detailing the energy rating. All electronic items are covered by the new law which came in to force across Europe. This new consumer law is good news for shoppers. Now there is a clear indication of how green your electronic items actually are. This is hopefully the push manufacturers need to incentivise the development and funding towards energy efficient product designs.

Update 2010

In 2010, the European government went further by amending the law so that future labels were updated to include more specific data on things such as energy consumption and the level of noise emitted to help us decide between appliances that have the same efficiency rating. This has driven even more advances in product design by product makers.

Shoppers are turning to energy saving appliances as energy prices rise around the world. You can save hundreds from your annual energy bill by switching your main white goods and appliances over to energy efficient items.

Do you want to save on your home energy expenses ??

The products we have reviewed below all meet the A+ and above rating. If your appliances are over 5 years old then you are guaranteed to save money by switching to any of these items in your home.

The best thing is these items pay for themselves so your actually getting your energy saving appliances for free in the long run. By investing a little now, you will save a lot in the long run.

  • Energy saving heaters 
  • Energy saving kettles
  • Energy saving refrigerators 
  • Energy Saving Lighting
  • Energy saving washing machines
  • Energy saving tumble dryers
  • Energy saving lighting controls



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